1.2 version of the Ortus Regni app is available – with new features


Download and play for free on Mac, PC, Linux:


Online multiplayer is now Free! In fact all the features of 1.1 and those added in 1.2 are free. There is no Paywall and there are no “in-app purchases” in version 1.2. True story.

New additions in Ortus Regni 1.2:

  • Free account creation for online multiplayer.
  • Full 4 player games are free for all accounts.
  • Ladders (and top 10 charts) for duels, 3 player and 4 player games added to matchmaking.
  • Revised Friends interface.
  • Chat message threads between Friends.
  • In-game chat functionality.
  • Game lobby chat functionality in Challenge Friends.
  • More in-game Tweets to send to other Earls in-game.
  • The AIs will now send Tweets in-game, when they wish (in Battle AI & Challenge Friends).
  • Optional mail notification system added for asynchronous gameplay in Challenge Friends.
  • Tournament Rules fully implemented, “two turns, two Towers”.
  • Several other changes visible and invisible; like a revised Viking bag.

  • Available on all iPads (coming next week!)

All platforms that run Ortus Regni talk to each other, so a Linux box can play an iPad, or a Mac or PC. No difference.

We are happy to have added several user requests in this updated, and we hope to continue to add more to the digital game going forward :)

Note: for some previous 1.1 users you might need to do a Reset in Options, then log back in, if you experience any in-game misbehavior. That should be cleared up in a fix coming next week probably. About when the iPad launch happens.