Rules FAQ

FAQ & Minor Rules Clarifications:

> On page 8, Game Setup, step 10: That should read “Each player puts 1 colored Influence Cube into the Bag. A Player randomly draws 1 Cube to determine who the starting player is.” This is stated correctly in the game’s Quick Reference Pamphlet.

> When a Cube is drawn from the Bag, either to determine the starting player or to determine who controls the Vikings when they are active, that Cube is then put back into the bag. It is not thrown away, or used up. Cubes are only permanently removed from the Bag when Earls are removed from the table; their Cubes are then all removed from the Bag.

> On the King Card: A King is only proclaimed once. After an Earl has acquired the title, and thus the Card, Banners cannot be played again to take it from that Earl. Only upon the death of that King is the King Card again available to be acquired with Banner cards.

> Earl cards are always discarded into their original owner’s discard pile. That is, a blue deck Earl card returns to the blue discard pile (or off the table if the blue Earl is gone). Thus, for example, if a captured Castle, Palace, or property card in your Earldom is destroyed – whether it was captured in Battle, through a Joust, or with an Intrigue – it then goes into its correct discard pile.

> In the Diagrams on pages 34 and 37, in the upper left (and angled) placement spot for a Mercenary card (plus its Garrisoned Army card), a Champion card image is present, even though it should show the Mercenary card art.