Print and Play – Ortus Regni !

OrtusRegniPrintandPlayLogo All the PDF files you need to make your own playable copy of Ortus Regni, for up to 4-players, are here! This is also a “teaching copy” of Ortus Regni as the print and play cards are labeled, and include a “cheat sheet” version of the card’s behavior. We recommend that you use plain card stock (matte white) printer paper. And a decent paper cutter. Additionally, Avery Color Coding Labels (#5472, that includes blue, red, yellow, and green dots) are handy to replace the Towers, on the backsides of the Earl cards. A black Sharpie marker is also handy to label the backsides of the Table Decks (B, for Battle, J for Joust, A for Army, V for Viking, for example).

The PDFs:

  • EarlCardSet1player– Print this file for each player set you want.
  • Banners – Print this file once for the Banner cards for all 4 players.
  • Table Decks – Print this file for all Table Decks, and the unique King Card.
  • ArmyDeckExtra – Print this file if you wish to play a multiplayer game.
(You will end-up with only a couple extra cards. For example, the Palace and the King Cards.) The Bag, Cubes and Viking Timer Markers: 8 Pennies and 1 Nickel work well for the 8 Black Viking Time Markers, and the 1 White Combat Marker. For the Bag and the colored Cubes, a bowl using those same Avery Color Coding Labels (now folded over in half), noted above, work well. Or use whatever gaming “bits and pieces” you find most pleasing. And here is a link to the boxed game’s Quick Reference Guide. This provides a concise – but not complete – set of basic game rules and concepts. It also lists four sample starter decks for 2-player games (also listed below). The full rulebook for Ortus Regni is available here: Full Rulebook. (On a desktop, to download a PDF of the rulebook go to “Tools” in the upper right menu, and select PDF.) Below are some pictures taken of a completed Print and Play set of Ortus Regni. And some minor rules clarifications. As well as a list of four sample starter decks: Happy gaming! EarlCardsPicture BannersPicture TableDecksPicture EarldomPicture

Starter Decks (designed for initial 2-player games):

Land & Army Deck Lord Deck Emissary & Church Deck Politics Deck
Land 6 Church 1 Market Town 6 Prince 4 Banner 2 Banquet 2 Allies 3 Castles 5 Church 1 Prince 2 Vassal 4 Champion 4 Banner 3 Allies 5 Castles 3 Cathedral 4 Prince 2 Vassal 3 Monk 6 Banner 2 Allies 4 Castles 4 Church 1 Prince 2 Vassal 5 Treachery 3 Intrigue 3 Banner 3 Allies 3
Total = 24 Total = 24 Total = 24 Total = 24

FAQ & Minor Rules Clarifications:

> On page 8, Game Setup, step 10: That should read “Each player puts 1 colored Influence Cube into the Bag. A Player randomly draws 1 Cube to determine who the starting player is.” This is stated correctly in the game’s Quick Reference Pamphlet. > On the King Card: A King is only proclaimed once. After an Earl has acquired the title, and thus the Card, Banners cannot be played again to take it from that Earl. Only upon the death of that King is the King Card again available to be acquired with Banner cards. > Earl cards are always discarded into their original owner’s discard pile. That is, a blue deck Earl card returns to the blue discard pile (or off the table if the blue Earl is gone). Thus, for example, if a captured Castle, Palace, or property card in your Earldom is destroyed – whether it was captured in Battle, through a Joust, or with an Intrigue – it then goes into its correct discard pile.