• Legacy Points & Mulligans

    Two of the most powerful and simplest variant rules to play Ortus Regni with.

    Tournament Rules

    “Two turns, two Towers” rule that starts a game of Ortus Regni with more developed Earldoms.

    Medieval Tactics Or Logistics

    Two alternative ways to alter your fate in the maelstrom of battle.

    Neighbors, née Hunter

    Geography sometimes determines who your adversary is, despite who you may believe to be your true rival for the crown.

    Great Heathen Army

    Ortus Regni without player elimination. With both Viking and shared victory conditions.


    The high tension stakes of Liar’s Poker, in a Conclave gathering all the great Earls of the land

    The Villages

    The villages of an Earldom can be conquered, or pillaged and lost.


    An extra struggle in the shires, with an additional power for the Earl who controls the shire’s villages.

    A House Divided

    A struggle within your great house, that forces you to contend with similar decks.

    King, Archbishop, and Duke Roles

    Start your game as something more than a humble Earl.


    A unique way to play Ortus Regni, for 2-4 players.


    A more deterministic, strategic and non-deck building way to play.


    Semi-Cooperative, Cooperative or solo play variant against the King.


    2 vs. 2 Earls team game variant.

    Two-Headed Earl

    2 vs. 2 Earls team game variant.


    Earl Deck drafting procedure, for 2 to 3 players.

    Misc. Additions

    Many small rule options that can be added to any game of Ortus Regni.


    Multi-round campaign style game of Ortus Regni.

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Wessex, Great Heathen Army, Two-Headed Earl and Drafting are not included in this Generator.
Those are all unique choices for you to make.