Ortus Regni – Variant Mats

When thinking about how to add some variant fun to Ortus Regni we aimed to create something that was simple, elegant, and inexpensive while maintaining all the core rules of the game and the Earl Cards. We also wanted them to provide a subtle yet meaningful brain twisting effect on gameplay and deck design. These variant mats are 11 by 17 inch game mats, all printed nicely with either life sized Ortus Regni cards or new features to be used in-game. All that you need to play with these mats is already included in the Ortus Regni tabletop boxes. In particular the colored cubes are used as convenient markers. As we intentionally shipped more Earl cubes than truly needed in normal gameplay, we are able to take advantage of that component in multiple ways. The rules for these variant mats are only available online here. Printable PDFs are accessible from each mat’s page, as well. And a rules URL for each mat is painted onto the mat itself. All 7 variant mats are available in our online store. Individually, or as a set!

  • Special Knight-errant Mat

    Now available in the online store!

    This mat is not required to play the unique Knight-errant variant of Ortus Regni. But we think it adds a lovely tableau decor to this easy to start, fast paced, and puzzle-like variant of Ortus Regni. You can find the rules for Knight-errant here in the Variant Rules section of our website.

To give gamers a chance to play these now, or simply take them out for a test drive, we are also posting Print&Play PDF files for all mats (below). Note that these are smaller than the real mats, being standard US letter size or European A4 size files, so the proper card sizes will not be accurate. Nonetheless one can still play with a sheet of paper, with only small alterations in usage.