1.3 version of the Ortus Regni app is available – with new features

1.3Screen The 1.3 version of our free game app has been released.  This version adds a new match format: Series Games. These are kind of like mini-campaigns. You will find Series Game in the Options menu of Challenge Friends.

New features added in 1.3:

  • Series Games in Challenge Friends! A mini campaign, win 3 games to win the series, and winners have to play the following game with the same deck.
  • Server side stability refactor, so that Challenge Friends games should now be stable with asynchronous play, and timed games gained stability as well.
  • New songs in the game and menu lobbies, plus a full sounds effects refactor with unique ambient room sounds for the medieval game rooms.
  • Your Find A Match leaderboard history is now saved in your account profile :)
In a Series Game you must win 3 games in the series to win the entire match. And the catch is that the winner of any game in the series must play the next game with the same deck that they just won with! While the Earls who lost the last game are allowed to chose or make any new deck, as normal :) Thus you do have to keep in mind the meta game when making your decks, as other Earls can build new decks with foreknowledge of what you are bringing to the table. We have also revised the sounds effects in the game and its music; we’ve added more medieval songs (technically from the Elizabethan period). We have also rebuilt the game server to eliminated some issues that were popping up in Challenge Friends games, particularly one that could freeze asynchronous Challenge Friends games. This server rebuild also tackled some stability issues with timed games and forfeits. We are very happy to have had a chance to revisit the server code. Ortus Regni 1.3 is available on our website for the following platforms: Windows, OS X, Linux iPad, Android tablets https://ortusregni.com/software/ And also available on STEAM! https://store.steampowered.com/app/472060