Ortus Regni is going to be at Gen Con

We will be in the Wabash West hallway, room 121, come by and check us out if you are lucky enough to attend the world’s greatest gaming convention! boxes   The first print run of Ortus Regni is arriving now. And we will be bringing some of them to Gen Con Indy 2014! These will be the first boxes released to the public. Swing by room 121, Wabash West hallway in the Indy convention center to investigate us. gaming The online gaming community asked for some basic Ortus Regni “training decks” to help newbies quickly learn the Earl Cards. And we listened! We now have those decks in hand. These are basic 24 card pre-made Earl Gameplay Decks… with brief “cheat sheet” card text. Every core Ortus Regni game box sold at Gen Con, and every core box ordered by our dedicated Kickstarter Backers, will get a pair of these training decks (Red & Blue), free of charge! We think these will really help folks step into Ortus Regni, and also make it easier to share the game’s experience with friends. Three computer (AI) players going at it in Ortus Regni. This is a quick teaser of our Ortus Regni iOS software still in beta, but progressing rapidly to a finished product! Here you can see a dramatic top-down camera angle on the gameplay table (this was captured on an iPad). The AI players are tougher opponents than we expected, yup. You will lose to them on occasion