Use Your Tray as Your Deck!


We have added this dramatically different variant to the Variant Rules page on our website. Believe it or not, it is a more chess or Stratego like way to play the base Ortus Regni game.

Witan is a much more deterministic thinking-style way to play Ortus Regni. Earls do not make decks. Instead you will select all the the cards in your Hand directly from your oak card tray; the tray is now a tabletop in-game component! Now, because all Earls have access, at the start of the game, to all the 90 cards in their full Earl card sets… you will have to think several turns ahead and outmaneuver your opponents, without much help from the Wheel of Fate.

This is the first of several new variants upcoming that present very unique ways to play the Ortus Regni system. Yet they all maintain the core elements of normal Ortus Regni. We look forward to adding Kingdoms (a tactical board game OR hybrid) and Primarius (a poker night betting style version) in upcoming releases. As always, Witan and the upcoming variants require no added purchases, although there will be custom mats available for Kingdoms and Primarius :)