Weekly Email Update #3

Welcome back to the weekly Ortus Regni update!

This week we are showing off our core game box. It’s made of thicker stuff than usually hefted in a game box. You can practically stand on it. We are making a game for you, a game to last.

Ortus Regni’s construction complements its mechanics: Ortus Regni is a sophisticated game that will require you to learn a thing or two to begin play, but at its heart it is very straight-forward.  Once you have learned the basics you will not be presented with new rule mechanics popping-up, to puzzle out, so you will be able to master your own Ortus Regni style with confidence. Of course, the deck you design for a game of Ortus Regni will be highly dependent on who you are playing against!

This coming Tuesday, we will start releasing images of how Ortus Regni looks in action. It can be a visually elegant game, with wheels within wheels of strategy and tactics clearly visible on the table. It can also play satisfyingly fast, with rounds of Ortus Regni moving at a clip, easily allowing for multiple games in a sitting.

We are also announcing a new giveaway plan that begins this week!

Each week until August, we will send one lucky person from our Ortus Regni email mailing list a free 4-day badge (pass) to Gen Con Indy 2014, August 14-17. We will draw the first winner next Tuesday (April 22nd) at 11:59 PM EDT. If you are already on the Ortus Regni email list, you are already enrolled. Happy gaming and good luck!

Thanks again for following our pre-launch!

– Jon Sudbury & Team Ortus