Weekly newsletter update #7

This week we wanted to show you all the cards and game components that are inside a core box of Ortus Regni. As you can see there are some unusual items in our box. You have already seen our Earl cards and our Battle and Joust decks, as well as our oak Earl card trays. These oak trays are now filled and ready to be used for fast and easy deck design. Each slot holds six copies of each of our 15 player cards. In addition, there is a large slot to store an Earl’s already designed gameplay deck of 24 cards, at the ready. Besides the Battle and Joust decks in the foreground, you can also see two new decks with a white background just behind. These are the Army deck, which holds Infantry and Knights, and the Viking deck, which holds Vikings and Chieftains. These cards will fill many a battlefield. These four decks—Battle, Joust, Army, and Viking—of 24 cards each, complete Ortus Regni’s table decks. In combination with the Earl card sets, these are the decks and cards that make up Ortus Regni. Also visible is the King card. During play an Earl might claim the title of King. This card cannot be taken away from an Earl, who has acquired it, and it does provide some advantages. However, as King you must still enforce your will on your inchoate Kingdom! Among these decks and components, you can also see a leatherette bag, a collection of painted wooden cubes and painted half spheres, as well as an hourglass timer. The rules associated with these items are quite simple. The bag and the cubes are used to influence the behavior of the Viking horde when it arrives. And the black half spheres time the horde’s arrival. The hourglass is available as a friendly way to ensure that a player does not spend too much time pondering a tricky decision. There will also be two expansions to the core Ortus Regni game box that add more players to the game. Each expansion will include two additional full Earl card sets with oak trays and painted cubes. The first expansion box will add the gold and green Earl card sets, and the second expansion will add the orange and purple Earl card sets. The cards of Ortus Regni are governed by the same rules whether your game is a two-player duel or a full six-player epic. The gameplay however changes in both subtle and dramatic ways as players are added, influencing the design of the deck that you will make for that round of Ortus Regni. The only items missing from this week’s image are the game’s instructional documents: the Ortus Regni Rule Book, the Quick Reference Pamphlet, and the two Card Glossary “tapestry” cloths. Thanks again for following our pre-launch, and watch for our upcoming Kickstarter (scheduled to start June 1)! – Jon Sudbury & Team Ortus