Weekly Newsletter Update #9

We have a lot to cover in this weekly update, the rules of the game, and news about our upcoming Kickstarter! Ortus Regni’s rulebook is now online, both as a page-turn ebook and as a PDF download! rulebook.ortusregni.com (If you are not on a mobile device you can use the arrow keys to flip pages.) Seeing Ortus Regni in action—playing the game—is a very different thing, but we want you to see the rules of Ortus Regni before you contemplate supporting us. We are also announcing the retail price for the debut print run of Ortus Regni’s boxes. Not only do we want to set an enticing price point for our debut, we want you to feel that Ortus Regni is a great gaming value: • The core Ortus Regni box, which includes two full player card sets (blue and red Earls) oak trays, all table decks, all game documents, and all game components, will retail for $49.95. • The first and second Ortus Regni Expansion boxes, which each include two additional full player card sets (green and gold Earls in the first, purple and orange Earls in the second) oak trays, painted cubes, and an extra Army card deck will retail for $39.95. Today we are also officially announcing that we have entered production on the boxed game of Ortus Regni! The Core box and Expansions are already being fashioned and made real. This means that if you pledge on our Kickstarter at a level that earns you an Ortus Regni box your wait will be relatively short :) We currently expect to start shipping boxes off to supporters in September! Less than three months after our scheduled Kickstarter campaign ends on June 30. The Ortus Regni Kickstarter campaign is designed to help us bring the game to more digital platforms. And we will be offering tabletop Ortus Regni boxes, fresh off the line, to supporters of our campaign. Kickstarter supporters will have first dibs on the limited debut printing of Ortus Regni, excepting only the boxes that we are setting aside for our official release at Gen Con Indy 2014, in August. We have some nice stuff to offer to people who support our Kickstarter campaign (at various pledge levels) including Ortus Regni boxes, of course, but we are not stepping into the maelstrom of stretch goals. Nonetheless we hope you support us, as we are :) Thanks for following our pre-launch, I hope you have enjoyed the journey as much as we have enjoyed working to bring it to you, and don’t forget to check out our June Ortus Regni Kickstarter campaign! Jon Sudbury and Team Ortus
  Minor Rules Clarifications:

On page 8, Game Setup, step 10: That should read “Each player puts 1 colored Influence Cube into the Bag. A Player randomly draws 1 Cube to determine who the starting player is.” This is stated correctly in the game’s Quick Reference Pamphlet.

On the King Card: A King is only proclaimed once. After an Earl has acquired the title, and thus the Card, Banners cannot be played again to take it from that Earl. Only upon the death of that King is the King Card again available to be acquired with Banner cards.