Weekly Newsletter Update #4

This week we are revealing some of the cards you’ll see in an Earldom. Depending on what strategies you are employing in a game of Ortus Regni, your Earldom may look quite different.

The Property Cards shown above include Castles, Lands, a Market Town, a Church, and the Cathedral. Several Face Cards are also visible, including a Prince, a Champion, and a Monk. You can include any of these cards in your Earl Deck, or none of them. Designing your Earl Deck before play begins is one of the key features of the game. Ortus Regni is a deck-design game, rather than a deck-building game. That is, you are entirely in control of the deck that you will begin play with in a game of Ortus Regni. There are several canonical Ortus Regni deck design concepts—such as a Lord deck, an Army (Land) deck, a Politics deck, or an Emissary (Monk) deck, and more. But such concepts are only the start of your design options. The Earl Deck you put together can be a subtle hybrid of several concepts, or something entirely different and unusual. Your opponents in Ortus Regni will have access to the exact same suite of cards that you do when they design their own Earl Decks for game play. So it all comes down to your choices and your strategies! There is also tactical space during a game of Ortus Regni to zig and zag, even if you find yourself against an Earl Deck design that you did not anticipate. You might pull out an unexpected win nonetheless if you play your deck well. We will be revealing additional cards that are used in a game of Ortus Regni this coming Tuesday. I would like to add that you will not only see what Ortus Regni looks like, but you will also have access to the complete rules of Ortus Regni before our Kickstarter begins. Mystery is fun, but only to a point, and that is a given :) And a quick reminder: Each week until August, we will send one lucky person from our Ortus Regni email mailing list a free 4-day badge (pass) to Gen Con Indy 2014, August 14-17. We will draw the first winner today (April 22nd) at 11:59 PM EDT, and then a new winner each Tuesday until August. If you are already on the Ortus Regni email list, you are already enrolled. Happy gaming and good luck! Thanks again for following our pre-launch! – Jon Sudbury & Team Ortus

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