Weekly newsletter update #8

week8-fb-v1 Welcome to the penultimate update before we announce the details of our upcoming Kickstarter campaign. Today we have several things to show off!   Our goal is to make every aspect of learning and playing Ortus Regni a pleasure. And we wanted game documentation that matched the look and feel of the game itself.   We designed the main rulebook to be an echo of the illuminated medieval manuscripts that inspired the game’s look and feel.   In addition to the Ortus Regni rulebook, we are also including two cloth “tapestries” with card glossaries (i.e. Earl deck cheat sheets) in the Ortus Regni core box, as game aids.  These cloth sheets can lie comfortably in your lap, so that during your first game you can easily glance at them—hands free—and with no table-clutter.   Rounding out the documents is a Quick Reference folded pamphlet that contains a brief summery of Ortus Regni’s main features and rule mechanics.   Downloadable digital versions of our main game documents will be completed later this week, and we plan to release them officially next Tuesday. We will also provide a preview of our Kickstarter campaign in that update.   We also want to let you know that Ortus Regni will exist in the digital world! Ortus Regni was born on the tabletop, and that is truly its native environment, but over the last several months we have also been hard at work making an app. Currently the game’s core engine is functioning nicely in a beta iPad iOS app.   We are now building network functionality into the software. When that is done we will be polishing the interface to perfect the look and feel of Ortus Regni. As you can already see, we are aiming to faithfully port the tabletop experience to the digital world.   Thanks again for following our pre-launch!   – Jon Sudbury & Team Ortus week8--fb-ipad-v4 (2)