Ortus Regni – Update #2

Welcome to our second Ortus Regni weekly update. Today we are showing off one of our signature game components. 

Here you can see a glimpse of our Earl Card Set wooden trays. Yes, each Earl Set that you purchase, whether in the core game box or our additional (extra) player expansion boxes will come with its own oak card tray. 

Why go the extra distance to include such an item? Because gaming is not just about the cards, or the pieces, or even the rules, gaming is a journey into another possibility space. And we have committed to that philosophy on several levels.  

This item is representative of that choice. 

How and why is such a tray needed and used in Ortus Regni? Stay tuned for more weekly updates to find out!

In the meantime, allow us to say a few words about our introduction of the phrase “Repertory Card Game.” Many good card games, but not all, are designed around an infinitely expandable system where players are encouraged to buy more cards. Such a scheme has produced many fine games, indeed, but Ortus Regni was not inspired to replicate this model. 

One of the benefits of creating an organically whole game is that the rules of play and the behavior of the cards can be more tightly fashioned. So much so that it is hard to imagine how any new clusters of cards could be comfortably integrated into Ortus Regni. 

Can such a card game produce the same depth of playability, and game-space to explore, as an expanding card game? You would be surprised at what can be done with a finite number of cards, when the game is specifically designed as a whole and crafted for depth of replay value. And this is the heart of what we mean by a Repertory Card Game; without meaning to be to overly poetical, Ortus Regni is a fixed-set card game that blossoms into a fairly complex game when played multiple times, even in a row. As indeed it is meant to be :)

Thanks again for following our pre-launch!

– Jon Sudbury & Team Ortus