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Ortus Regni released on iPads!

We are happy to have ported our new 1.2 app onto a tablet, and we think it plays nicely in a touch screen format. As with our desktop builds, this app is totally free to [...]
  • SteamGreenlightPost-800
    “This game has been Greenlit by the Community!” We are happy to announce that the Ortus Regni app is headed for STEAM. We’ve made it through the Greenlight process and will now [...]

Special Knight-errant Mat now Available

This is not required to play the Knight-errant Variant of Ortus Regni, but it certainly adds some nice visual flavor :)

Variant Rules

The new home for our collection of optional rules. From campaign style games, to no-player elimination games, to novel combat and card powers, to new victory or starting conditions. It’s all here. Plus PDFs for all the rules and a random rules selector web-app.

Variant Mats

Seven unique game mats that add new mechanisms and abilities to a game of Ortus Regni. All mats are available for purchase in our online store, and free Print & Play files are also available for download. Play with one or two variant mats to mix up your strategies.

Spanish rules for Ortus Regni now online!

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